• High quality and good flavour - every time!


We are committed food enthusiasts at CP Foods and all of the following are important to us.
We are focusing on four product lines - Chicken, Duck, Prawns and Fish.
We rear all our chickens, ducks and prawns on our own farms and process them in our own facilities. In this way we have control of all stages of the production process.
Our production processes are in full compliance with the following standards: GMP, HACCP, ISO 9002 and ISO 14000.
A major part of our production systems is automated. However, some of our production is still carried out by hand, especially in the case of meals prepared according to local Thai recipes. In this way we guarantee the genuine Thai flavours.
Ready meals
All our ready meal products are fully prepared prior to packaging and freezing.
The environment
CPF supports a variety of environmental improvement projects.We are investing large sums in environmental conservation and enhancement projects ─ providing assistance to the people who live close to our farms and production facilities.
....and finally
We develop products that are tailored to individual countries and individual customers, and to the fluctuating demands of our customers. This means traditional food, combined with new ideas designed to suit you and your customers.