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Product range

Kitchen Joys products areloose frozen (IQF). This means that they are easy to handle, as they simply need to up thaw or warmed in the oven. Kitchen Joys products are uniform when they come from the same factory.
Kitchen Joys assortment is cooked before freezing and therefore have a minimal shrinkage compared with the similar fresh products.The law requires that there is traceability of all foods. Traceability means that the manufacturer must be able to trace food back to all stages of production. Therefore, for example chicken meat in a Kitchen Joy Product can be traced back to the slaughterhouse> Livestock> the feed, the animal has eaten> the place where the food is grown.
Kitchen Joy received in 2009 Børsens food price.
Kitchen Joy is our own brand and below we have 2 product categories:

EVERYBODY'S CHICKEN is high quality products. Our chicken products are all made of chicken which is not chopped or reshaped. All the products are cooked before freezing and therefore have a minimal shrinkage when compared to similar fresh product.

THAI-CUBE is a meeting with the Thai cuisine - a meeting that gives you flavors, so you feel the white sandy beach - the blue sea and the sun in your face!
THAI-CUBE is the perfect choice for a meal when it should be easy, quick and delicious. We give you the experience... if you give us 5-6 minutes with your microwave. THAI-CUBE is available in many different flavors - the main ingredient in the products chicken while one variant is a vegetarian dish.

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